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Valuations for Business Sold for Under $1,000,000

A recent report from Business Valuation Resources of the 4Q 2013 Pratt’s Stats Private Deal Update reports the following pricing/valuation multiples of EBITDA used on sales made by business brokers, of businesses that sold for under $1,000,000: 2013 = 2.40 2012 = 2.36 2011 = 2.50 2010 = 2.34 2009 = 2.35 2008 = 2.58 […]

Do You Want Your Business to Be More Valuable This Year?

For many, the first of the year is a time of rebirth and resolutions. It is a time to reflect on last year’s achievements and to set goals for the year ahead. Some people will set personal goals but most company owners will set business goals, usually focused on hitting certain revenue or profit projections. […]

Top Businesses for Sale

Here is a list compiled by a leading businesses for sale website. Top Ten Businesses for December 2013:  E-Commerce Convenience Stores Restaurants Fast Food – Non Franchises Websites  Bars  Auto Repair, Service & Parts Services Liquor Stores/Off Licences/Wine Merchants Gas/Petrol Service Stations Top Ten M&A Businesses for December 2013: Distribution Businesses Wholesale Businesses Mining Businesses […]

Business For Sale in Orange County Increased in 2013

As a leading Broker and M&A Specialist in Orange County, it is important for our clients to have a clear picture of the current market conditions.   Several reports coming out in January indicate the number of transactions in 2013 grew significantly in Orange County led by exceptional growth in the restaurant and retail sectors.  […]

How To Increase the Value Of My Business

How valuable your business is to a prospective buyer is the extent to which the buyer can see where your sales will come from in the future.  A recurring revenue stream means the buyer might not have to inject cash into the business going forward and therefore will pay more for it.   Recurring revenue streams […]

Business Sales Increasing

Recent reports are indicating sales of existing small businesses are increasing in Orange County and across the nation.  Several reasons are given for these increases: 1.  Valuations have improved due to the economy picking up steam. 2.  Banks are reported to be lending again although I have my doubts. 3.  Baby Boomers are now of […]

If I Sell My Business, How Much Is It Worth?

This is one of the first questions I get asked from a prospective seller.  It should also be the first consideration a prospective seller considers before he decides to sell.  How do you make a decision to sell unless you know what the business could possibly bring when it is on the market.   Unlike some […]

More Information Suggesting It Is Time to Sell Business Orange County

Several surveys indicated that Private Equity activity is slow but the lower middle market and main street is picking up steam, particularly to sell business in  Orange County. Overall small-business performance has continued to improve.  According to a recent study, median revenue jumped to $420,000 in the third quarter of 2013 from $385,327 in the […]

What to Expect in Selling Your Business

For many Owners and CEOs, selling their company is a once in a lifetime experience.  They may be very experienced but they can also be blind sided by surprises when selling their company. #1: Substantial Time Commitment In the real estate business, once the seller engages the broker there is very little for the owner […]

Business Sales Activities

Recent reports from the leading business-for-sale websites indicate significant increases in sales transactions.  These seem to be primarily in Main Street businesses as other reports from M&A portals are telling us the deals are very slow.  Two very different scenarios seem to indicate the lower market is moving but Private Equity is stalled.  My personal […]