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Small Business Financing

A recent report from the National Small Business Association (NSBA) revealed some surprising results from a survey of their members.  They report that only 65% of small businesses are able to obtain adequate financing.  This is down from 73% just six months ago.   The decrease in capital availability is in line with the slow growth […]

A Few Websites Worth Visiting Daily or Weekly

If you are an entrepreneur with your own business or have ambitions to start your a business, you might  want to visit these websites for insights and help. Inc. – This is focused on providing trends, ideas, and best practices around developing and growing a business. Passing along  the experiences and insights of other business […]

Hot Business List ~ April 2013

May 21, 2013 Below you will find the current “hot” business list courtesy of data from Businesses For Sale. We asked Businesses For Sale for a monthly ranking of business types based on the number of “hits” on their site. This ranking is not based on the actual sale of businesses. Top Ten Businesses for […]

Selling Your Businesses in Orange County in the Summer

Summer is a difficult and interesting time for selling businesses.  As most buyers go on vacation with their families, dealflow usually shrinks and almost all communication stops until the kids go back to school. The slowdown creates a little breathing room for everyone to reevaluate their positions to see if everything from Asking Price to […]

Time to Sell Your Business?

Sell my business?  Many business owners like you are asking: “When is the right time to sell my business?”  To Empire Business Solutions, a M&A Business Broker in Orange County, California, the answer often relies on three factors, which I will explain below.  However the correct question should be: “When is a good time to […]

Why Do Deals Fall Apart?

 In many cases, the buyer and seller reach a tentative agreement on the sale of the business, only to have it fall apart.   There are reasons this happens, and, once understood, many of the worst deal-smashers can be avoided. Understanding is the key word. Both the buyer and the seller must develop an awareness […]

Value vs. Price

Value is one thing. Price is a different thing. We appraise every business we list so that the owner knows the “most probable selling price”.  Often we will take the opportunity to  market at a higher price to allow for a “premium buyer” or negotiations. Many businesses we sell settle at more, or less, than […]

The Process of Selling Your Business, Completing the Sale Page 5 of 5

Completing Your Sale   Due Diligence The period between offer and approval and closing could be the trickiest. Contingencies need to be removed, 3rd parties must get entangled, and the final details need to get nailed down. Required research, the method in which a Buyer will perform the jobs critical to confirm the financial and […]