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The Process of Selling Your Business– Offer and Acceptance Page 4 of 5

An offer may come first as a Letter of Intent (LOI).  It’ll generally include the price and terms being offered, the sale structure (asset sale versus stock purchase), a closing date, contingencies and conditions of a sale. Terms presented in an offer may outline the payment method, scope and length of a non-compete agreement, transition […]

The Process of Selling Your Business, The Confidential Marketing Memorandum Page 3 of 5

The Confidential Marketing Memorandum   The Confidential Marketing Memorandum   The information presented to a certified buyer after execution of a non-disclosure agreement may include :   A record of your business  An top level view of your business, including info about your firm’s services and goods, operations info, and staff structure Information concerning your […]

The Process of Selling Your Business– Confidentiality Page 2 of 5

Marketing Your Business Once you’ve established offering price and terms, your hunt for the right buyer starts. Customers might be found through a specific search of potential applicants in your industry, or maybe the business ventures section of local and regional papers. Pro business brokers are in communication with several qualified prospects, and aid in […]

The Process of Selling Your Business Part 1 Of 5

Valuation & Structuring a Sale Price The value of any business is the price and terms that a consumer is content to pay, and a seller is content to accept for that company. That said, a professional business broker will have the power to supply an opinion of worth that reflects what a consumer would […]

Optimizing the Valuation of Your Business

Two companies which make the same quantity of money don’t always have an equal value. Unless located in a novel market condition, eg. the present technology boom, the number one indicator of worth for a business is EBITDA or cash flow. For business-to-business services firms, which often have comparatively few assets, the impact of cash […]

Planning and Preparation for a Business Sale

 Deciding When to Sell Deciding when to sell might be touch call. If you’re like most entrepreneurs, the concept of selling your business pops into and out of your thoughts.  However the idea sounds good sometimes only to be put at the rear of your intelligence as a burst of new orders have to be […]

Why Buy a Franchise?

“Major advantages and benefits of buying a franchise business” Minimize Your Risk: One of the primary and major reasons you should consider buying a franchise business opportunity (versus buying an existing independent business or starting one from scratch ), is it gives you the opportunity to go into business for yourself with an excellent chance of […]

Preparation for a Loan to Buy a Business

At this point, you are either still looking for a profitable company to buy or have settled already in acquiring a certain company. Whatever you status is, the next essential thing you need at this point is money – funds to purchase the business you are eyeing. This is where business loans come in. Since […]

Is It a Good Time To Sell Your Business?

It is no secret that the recent economic conditions have had a significant impact on most privately-held businesses over the past year or to. Not surprisingly, these same challenging economic conditions have also had a negative impact on merger and acquisition (M&A) activity. Thankfully, many privately-held businesses are beginning to see stabilization within their industries […]

Sales Price vs Asking Price

A recent survey by BizBuySell, using their data, makes for not only interesting reading, but is very informative. BizBuySell, one of the leading websites which list businesses for sale, is providing a valuable service to all sellers by providing this date. One  figure is significant because it bears out a figure from other sources. The […]