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Looking for a Business for sale in Orange County, CA? Find below the list of the businesses for sale in Orange County, CA currently available.  Please note that the list also includes Orange County Small Businesses for Sale.

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Location: Orange County, California
Listed Price: $ 3,500,000
Gross Revenue: $ 1,700,000
Description:   Company is a management consulting firm focusing on a niche within the transportation and logistics area.  Company was founded in 1998 by owner with a vision of helping Shippers ...
Industry: Service, Property Management
Location: Orange , CA
Listed Price: $ 1,800,000
Gross Revenue: $ 1,154,000
Listing ID: 25910305-R
Description: This well-established 25 yr old property management company, based in Orange County, has 550 units throughout Southern California.  Efficiently run low overhead operation with 13 employees, 7 FT and 6PT.  ...
Industry: Security, Business Services
Location: Orange , CA
Listed Price: $ 1,395,000
FFE: $ 100,000
Gross Revenue: $ 4,800,000
Listing ID: 2597036-RM
Description:   The company is a cutting edge provider and installer of electronic security systems throughout Southern California.  A security systems integrator of choice of both many national, regional and local ...
Industry: Construction
Location: Orange , CA
Listed Price: $ 1,375,000
FFE: $ 10,000 (Included in Price)
Gross Revenue: $ 4,058,000
Cash Flow: $ 489,000
Description: Since 1999, this company has serviced the Southern California community with high quality workmanship and outstanding customer service while exceeding customer expectations.  This company services the residential, builders, realtors, real ...
Industry: Manufacturing
Location: Orange , California
Listed Price: $ 675,000
FFE: $ 100,000 (Included in Price)
Gross Revenue: $ 2,230,000
Cash Flow: $ 227,000
Description: Niche Manufacture of Equipment Used by Municipalities and Contractors   This company since 1993 has manufactured specialty equipment which is sold to cities/municipalities, contractors and gas companies.  The company produces ...
Industry: Manufacturing
Location: Alameda, California
FFE: $ 2,000,000 (Included in Price)
Gross Revenue: $ 7,000,000
Description:  Electronic Contract Manufacturing Services   Since 1996, this company has established a superior quality reputation by providing its customers the highest quality products and outstanding customer service.  Company provides ”total ...
Industry: Engineering
Gross Revenue: $ 4,500,000
Industry: Distribution
Location: Orange County, California
Listing ID: 25912728-R
Description: Founded and incorporated in 1983 this Orange County based company is a sales and service organization specializing in compound microscopes directed at Education, Industrial and Clinical markets. At present sales ...