Price: $1,950,000
Location: Southern California
Industry: Manufacturing
Listing ID: RM-92921
Listing Status: New

Heating Treating Company Specializing in Small, High Volume Parts
This Southern California company has roots going back to 1942 with current owner purchasing it in 2007. This niche heating treating plant has few if any competitors in their area of expertise which is ausquench and continuous rotary furnace. The company has a long history of stable and competitive operations with an experienced staff and employees. It is conveniently located for customer pick up but also does regular deliveries in the area. Primary customers are stamping, CNC, plating and fastener/washer companies. The end products go into the aerospace, auto, defense and agriculture industries. Major production process are rotary retort furnaces, oil, water and salt quench batch furnaces, internal oil quench with oxygen sensor controls, batch & continuous draw Furnaces with large capacity, real time temperature/time recorder for all furnaces providing unlimited traceability, and custom-built Endothermic generators with oxygen sensor probes: automatically delivers atmosphere with precise dew point control to insure the highest quality standards where zero tolerance carbonization is required.
Company Attributes
•90% of revenues is repeat business
•AS 9100 Certified
•Relatively New Equipment and Vehicles
•Long Term Customers
•Manufacturing Resource Planning Tools such as Visual Shop
•Experienced Staff
2018 2019 2020 2021 Forecast YE June 30
Revenues $1.955 Mil $1.668 mil $ 1.755 mil $1.750 mil
SDE $ 516,804 $ 214,212 $ 459,024 $ 429,000
Ideal buyer is someone with familiarity of heat treating or has engineering/metallurgical skill sets
Asking Price $1,950,000
Seller is selling to spend more time with ailing parents.

Total Sales: $1,755,000
Cash Flow: $459,000
FFE: $500,000
FFE Included: Yes
Year Established: 1942
Year of last Acquisition: 2007
Employees: 15
Monthly Rent: $6,900
Square Footage: 16000
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Roy Moss
Roy Moss