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(Construction, Roofing )
Orange County, CA
Listing DetailsGross Revenue: $ 7,500,000
EBITA: $ 1,250,000
Reason for Sale:

Seller wants to pursue other interestes

Listing SummaryHistorical Summary:

Roofing, Construction and Solar Company



Since 1992, this company has serviced the Southern California community with high quality workmanship and outstanding customer service while exceeding customer expectations.  A profitable, professionally run organization has led to many awards from consumers and suppliers over the years.  This company services the residential, commercial/industrial and property management sectors in Orange County, Los Angeles County, and Inland Empire areas. The diversity of its three divisions is a successful model as it insulates itself from the ups and downs of the general construction business. Each division comes staffed with its own experienced management team.  This company offers a broad range of services from a variety of roofing surfaces, HVAC, windows, painting, solar, and many other services to its diverse and growing client base.


Company has the following strengths;


1.       Over 26 years of experience in construction.

2.       Diversified into three divisions with many product offerings.

3.       Experienced, dedicated and loyal employees: approximately 60 employees with many having been with the Company for approximately 18 years and many more for over 10 years.  Staff has over 100 years combined experience in construction.

4.       High quality products, services, customer service and attention to detail as reflected in many awards.

5.       Impeccable reputation.

6.       Complete and competent organizational structure for all divisions.

7.       Management’s awareness of the importance of creating an environment conducive to making it possible for the employees to get their work done.

8.       Emphasis on having excellent systems in place to manage all aspects of business including administration, marketing, sales, and production.



2016                2017                2018


Revenues      $ 7.0 mil            $ 8.3 mil         $ 7.5 mil


GP                 $ 1.3 mil            $ 2.06             $ 1.9 mil


EBITDA       $ 734,000           $ 1.3 mil         $ 1.3 mil


Asking Price $4.5 mil


OperationYear Established: 2000
Days & Hours of Operation: 9:00-5:00
Employees: 60
Managers: 4
Absentee Owner: No