Empire Business Solutions to Sponsor Exit Coach Radio

Empire Business Solutions, a leading independent business brokers  Los Angeles and Southern California is pleased to announce our company’s newest advertising campaign.

In keeping with its commitment to public service, Empire Business Solutions has agreed to sponsor Exit Coach Radio, a nationally streamed program dedicated to preparing business owners for succession.

Ending a business can be just as hard as starting one, and for millions of Baby Boomers and their families, this phase is even more crucial. The program, which airs at 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. every Sunday, tackles the most critical aspects of business planning and offers actionable advice to business owners who need to make sure their entire company – as well as their employees and loved ones – will be protected once they leave.

Roy Moss, President of Empire,  said “The largest segment of our business is from baby boomers retiring so we wanted to target this audience to let them know of our success in selling businesses and assisting them in their exit strategy.”

Broadcast locally by KLAA 830AM before and after Angels baseball games, Exit Coach Radio is hosted by Bill Black, a certified exit planner and founder of the Exit Coach Radio multi-media organization. Thirty years ago, Black began his consulting practice to bring resources to business owners to help them with business transition and by creating written exit plans. Since starting Exit Coach Radio in 2013, Black has completed 1,000 interviews with professional advisors from fields such as law, accounting, banking, insurance and marketing to share their tips, ideas and precautions with his business owner audience. A new interview and a one-minute tip of the day are accessible daily on the ExitCoachRadio.com website.

“In what has been characterized as the greatest transfer of wealth in history, millions of America’s business owners are entering the final phase of their business ownership, and an alarming percentage are ill-prepared to execute a smart exit strategy,†Black said. “We are so happy to have the support of  Empire Business Solutions of Orange and Los Angeles County  in this quest to motivate 1 million business owners to protect their life’s work and their loved ones. Together, we will make a big difference.â€