Empire Upgrades Its Valuation Services

Empire has always told its clients the first step in selling a business is to find out what it might be worth in today’s market.  We are please to offer our clients an opportunity to find an estimate of the value of their business by going to our website (www.empireoc.com),  pressing the “Free Valuation” button and following the steps to a valuation.  By following a few simple steps our clients will be able to determine an approximate valuation for their business, the first step in selling a business.

Empire, under contract with BizEquity, will offer BizEquity’s patented “Advisor Office” business valuation service. The arrangement will allow all Empire to offer business owners and Empired advisors to access BizEquity’s powerful database-driven business valuation report services.

BizEquity’s business valuation service features a dedicated cloud based platform that harnesses sophisticated algorithms and millions of big data comparables and data elements. This knowledge provides business owners and entrepreneurs in Orange County and throughout Southern California  with insight into the most important question facing their business.

BizEquity provides a unique way to see a business through the eyes of the owner by understanding the value of the firm and the key levers that drive increased valuation.  Empire believes it’s a service its clients can leverage for growth, and it’s a true value-add for the them.

BizEquity’s valuation product is quickly becoming the leading way to value privately held businesses and Empire Business Solutions is pleased to be able to offer this service.

Empire Business Solutions has been one of the leading California Business Brokers and M&A Specialist since 2005 concentrating on but not limited to  Orange County and Los Angeles County .  For over a decade Empire has been specializing in representing sellers in Southern California who want to maximize the value of their business and are motivated to sell.  Empire specializes in businesses for sale with revenues in the  $1.0-$10.0 mil range.

Contact Roy Moss, President of  Empire Business Solutions at 714-374-6430 to discuss the process in selling or buying a business in Southern California.