Building Wealth

Most of us have seen an increase in our Net Worth over the last couple of years.  Housing prices have gone u 5%-20% depending on where you live in Orange County.  Stock portfolios have increased by over 10% or more.  However, if  you are like most, the majority of  your wealth is tied up in the success of your business.  Increasing the value of your biggest asset will have a much greater impact on your Net Worth and financial picture more than any run up in the prices of homes or stock market.  Here are 6  drivers  which impact the value of your business;

1.  Consistent history of increasing revenue and profit combined with profession books and records.

2.  Potential for Growth without relying on any one customer, employee or vendor.

3.  Recurring Revenues

4.  Is your business and business model differentiated from the competitors?

5.   Customer Satisfaction which will lead to re-purchases and referrals.

6.  Is your business able to run well without you in the picture?

If you have these drivers in your business now, you can get a premium for your business when it comes time to sell.  Build your business and build your wealth.