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Business Valuations

When the owners of private businesses in Orange County finally make the decision to sell their business, the first question on their mind is “what is the value of the business” when it goes to market.  Reality is that the market place will determine the actual value of the business.   It is not a […]

Empire Receives Award as Business Broker Orange County

Empire Business Solutions, a leading Business Broker in Orange County,  is please to announce that the firm has named as the recipient of the “Best Solutions Provider-USA. Empire Business Solutions, a leading Business Broker and M&A Company in Orange County, California is please to announce that Acquisitions International, Inc has awarded Empire Business Solutions its […]

Building Wealth

Most of us have seen an increase in our Net Worth over the last couple of years.  Housing prices have gone u 5%-20% depending on where you live in Orange County.  Stock portfolios have increased by over 10% or more.  However, if  you are like most, the majority of  your wealth is tied up in […]

What Businesses are Selling?

Below you will find the current “hot” business list courtesy of data from BusinessesForSale.com. We asked Businesses For Sale for a monthly ranking of business types based on the number of “hits” on their site. This ranking is not based on the actual sale of businesses. Top Ten Businesses for April 2014: E-Commerce Advertising Websites Convenience Stores […]

Are You Prepared to Sell Your Business

Be Prepared to Sell Your Business   Like the firemen who back the truck in order to be ready, you, as a business owner, need to be prepared when you get the call from someone who solicits to buy your business.  According to the latest Sellability Tracker report, the proportion of business owners who received […]

What are the “hot” businesses for sale in Orange County

I am often asked what business are selling in Orange County and across the country.   Buyers looking for a business or sellers wanting to sell the business, all want to know what is really going on out in the real world.  Here is what the latest; Below you will find the current “hot” business […]

Strategic Ways to Sell your Business In Orange County

Did you see the news that Facebook  acquired Internet messaging service WhatsApp for $19 billion? It is the largest-ever acquisition of an Internet company in history. WhatsApp is a true find for sure. The messaging service allows users to avoid text-messaging charges by moving texts across the Internet instead of the mobile phone carrier networks. […]

Valuations for Business Sold for Under $1,000,000

A recent report from Business Valuation Resources of the 4Q 2013 Pratt’s Stats Private Deal Update reports the following pricing/valuation multiples of EBITDA used on sales made by business brokers, of businesses that sold for under $1,000,000: 2013 = 2.40 2012 = 2.36 2011 = 2.50 2010 = 2.34 2009 = 2.35 2008 = 2.58 […]